The Construction of the Distillation equipment


distillation equipment


The Formeco distillation equipment generally has more heating capacity than other manufacturers of distillation machines.  The total volumetric capacity of the Formeco distillation equipment is also greater than others, reducing boil-over and resulting in a better distillation. This means that the Formeco distillation equipment is generally physically larger and heavier than most manufacturers of distillation equipment, based on the loading capacity of the distillation unit.  Above you see a picture of distillation machines comparing the Formeco distillation machine size against a distillation machine that we had represented prior to representing Formeco.  We did not know that we were misled with the sizing information of the distillation equipment and had actually been under sizing some distillation machines for solvent distillation, because you could not possibly operate the system correctly once the distillation system was loaded with the rated volume of the unit.  Simply stated, a 16 liter distillation machine could only effectively distill 12 liters of solvent without boiling over and passing dirty solvent.



Loading Capacity

Volumetric Capactiy


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