Distillation Equipment for Solvents

The Construction
How They Work
construction of the solvent distillation systems large distillation systems industrial distillation equipment

The Construction of the Distillation Equipment

Take a look at how Formeco builds solvent recycling distillation unit and why they differ from other distillation equipment for solvents.

Small Distillation Equipment & Machines

Solvent distillation equipment from 12 liter (3.0 gallons) capacity through 180 liter (47 gallons) capacity per distillation cycle.  These are our most commonly used solvent recovery systems for the small quantity generator that want to perform their own solvent recycling and solvent reclamation.

Industrial Distillation Equipment and Systems

For solvent distillation systems & equipment up to 8000 liters per cycle.  Larger size solvent recovery systems upon customer request, and also designed specific to your specific solvent distillation requirements.

Optional Equipment for Distillation machines

This section shows options available for the distillation equipment, with an explanation of their purpose and use.  Reviewing this section will show you the many choices of options you have for a Formeco distillation system and shows you the ability to use a smaller distillation equipment for the purpose of automatic repeat cycles, so you do not have to purchase larger, more expensive solvent reclamation systems for solvent recycling.


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