Industrial Distillation Equipment

Fixed Boiler

Fixed Boiler




Industrial solvent distillation equipment

The industrial distillation systems and equipment can range from 150 liter per batch to over 8000 liters per batch. 

There are four basic design concepts to the industrial distillation equipment

Fixed boiler design

A fixed boiler has a stationary distillation boiler that does not rotate over for cleaning. It can be either a boiler with a man hole and hand holes, or an externally mounted boiler where the top of the boiler separates via a lift mechanism.  A fixed boiler distillation machine can include an internal scraper blade.

Dynamic distillation unit

A Dynamic distillation machine will use the optional internal scraper blade. It can be either a fixed boiler, or an externally mounted tip-able boiler tank.  A dynamic distillation unit with the internal scraper should be used when the solvents being distilled contain encrusting materials that can build up on the inside walls of the distillation boiler.  A build up of solids in the boiler can reduce the heat transfer and lower the hourly output of the distillation system.

DIstatic distillation unit

A DIstatic distillation unit implies that the boiler does not utilize a scraper blade, and can be either a fixed boiler or an externally mounted distillation boiler chamber that can be rotated for cleaning.

Distillation column

A distillation column is used for a very specific separation of two chemicals or solvents, such as acetone and water.  It is not for treating of items like paint waste solvents, but to separate the two solvents at a high degree of purity. 

Construction of the industrial distillation units:

The industrial distillation systems & equipment can be equipped with a Rotating Scraper (optional) having adjustable metallic blades which keeps the content to be treated constantly in movement allowing maximum extraction of the solvent, concentration of the residues and avoiding the residues to stick to the boiler's walls and bottom. 

The Lathed distillation boiler of the industrial distillation equipment, built with 8 mm AISI 304 stainless steel, guarantees a particular resistance and duration. The over dimensioning of the geometric capacity with respect to the maximum load level allows a perfect separation between solvent and contaminants, reducing eventual entrainments. The diameter of the boiler chamber is greater than the depth,  which amplifies the evaporating area, and the complete balancing of the distillation machine, optimizes the process making very easy every kind of cleaning operation and waste unloading.

The Microprocessor Control allows the proper use of the industrial distillation machines  for distillation of many different kinds of solvents. The process, which can be divided in different segments, up to 6, allows to gear the values of disbursement contextually to the evolving of the chemical and physical phenomenon induced, and particularly in reference to the specific heat, to the latent heat of vaporization, to the vapor tension and the range of the temperatures of distillation. 

Industrial distillation machines allow:

  • a grade of separation liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and a concentration-drying of the waste, up to the maximum levels physically obtainable
  • corrective interventions pointed to the volume and the duration in case of anomalous origin of foam
  • linearity and constancy of the differential of the temperature between the heater vehicle and the product in processing, also with thinners with a very large range of distillation temperature
  • possibility to securely treat solvents and thermolabile contaminants
  • All the FORMECO models can be connected to a Vacuum Unit, suitable for high boiling solvents or for those flammable ones which have a boiling point close to the auto-ignition point


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