Options for Distillation Equipment

The Construction
How They Work

Solvent Separation & Fractionating

Separation of two solvents, also called fractional distillation or fractionating.

Scraper Blade

A scraper blade used inside the distillation equipment to reduce the mass of the residual or still bottom.

Water Separator

A separator to be placed after the distillation equipment, to separate water from the solvent.

Water Cooling

Optional water cooling for the distillation unit; used in place of the air-over cooling evaporator.

Bottom Unloading Valve

A valve placed at the bottom of the distillation chamber to discharge the still bottom into a container.

Safety devices for Nitro-Cellulose

Special safeties are used when distilling solvents containing nitro-cellulose which is very explosive.

Vacuum Distillation

Vacuum systems can be attached to the distillation machine to distill solvent while under a vacuum.



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